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Do both Dr Kozinn and Dr. Evangelista do hip arthroscopy?

Who has more training and experience with this technique?

Submitted by Karen E.

Stuart C. Kozinn, MD Responds:

Both Dr. Evangelista nd Dr. Kozinn do hip arthroscopy. However, we are more conservative than most, and your hip problem will have to be very specifically one we think we can solve with a scope. Unfortunately, the media has played up the value of hip arthroscopy because of some high profile athletes that have had it done. ( Did they really need it in the first place?!) It is not a miracle surgery, and many patients ask for it when there is already too much arthritis in the joint for it to help. Labrum tears are very common ( I know that after doing thousands of total hip surgeries ), and trying to fix the labrum or remove it, often does not solve the pain problem. We are happy to give you an opinion about it, but most patients need to lower their expectations for what hip arthroscopy can do. We do another "mini-open" procedure for FAI (femero-acetabular impingement)..this works quite well for appropriate candidates with FAI. It can be an outpatient procedure, but many patients choose to stay in th hospital overnight, This surgery removes impinging bone and osteophytes taht cause pain around the joint, and is more reliable than arthroscopy!