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We are the experts offering the new muscle sparing Best Anterior Total Hip Replacement in Scottsdale, AZ!

The hip joint is a "ball and socket" type joint.. A total hip replacement procedure replaces your diseased hip with an implant made out of metal and plastic (also called a prosthesis).  Dr. Kozinn has been doing total hip replacements for over twenty-three years in Scottsdale, Arizona - that's why he's the best total hip replacement surgeon in the US. He trained in New York and Boston at the two most famous medical centers (see US NEWS and WORLD REPORT magazine's best hospitals) in the world for ORTHOPEDICS & Joint Replacement surgery ( The Hospital for Special Surgery is #1, and Harvard Medical School is #2). He uses minimally-invasive and muscle-sparing techniques to implant your new joint, so that you will have the most rapid recovery possible. Training and experience are very important in Joint Replacement Surgery!  Dr. Kozinn completed a joint replacement fellowship at Harvard Medical School, and has performed thousands of joint replacemnt procedures.

The femoral stem implant, which is manufactured from Titanium replaces the femur. The femoral head which attaches to the stem is made either of metal or ceramic. The acetabular cup implant replaces the diseased socket. The acetabular component is made up of a metal shell with a special cross linked polyethylene (medical-grade plastic) socket liner that acts as a bearing surface. The plastic used is very tough and durable and is now treated with anti-oxidants like vitamin E to last many additional years.   Dr. Kozinn does his total hip surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare - Osborn Medical Center.  He is The Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center, and is the past Chief of Surgery, and Orthopedics.  Dr. Kozinn does many types of surgeries on the knee and shoulder as well.  He performs over 250 Total Hip surgeries each year in the Joint Replacement Center.  It is OK to ask your surgeon how many total hips a year he does!  Experience is very important in Joint Replacement Surgery, as it has been shown that complications decrease with increased volume.

Modern prostheses are attached to the bone without cement.  This means Dr. Kozinn has to do a very exacting "human sculpture" to fit the implant in the bones perfectly.  The prosthesis typically has a porous coating or textured surface that allows tissue to grow into the implant and attach the bone, often permanently. Because of this advance in biomaterials and technology, patients previously considered "too young" for hip replacement, are now able to have successful surgeries, even at younger ages.  Patients presenting with hip arthritis in their 40's and 50's are now common!

You Need the Best Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Anterior total hip replacement surgery is one of the most "successful" reconstructive surgeries of our times, and patient's should not have to suffer with a hip disability that takes away activities of daily living that ordinarily are taken for granted.  You can play golf and tennis again without pain, you can swim and bike, you can ski and hike...if it needs it, you should find the best surgeon you can, and you should have your hip replaced!  Patients who delay treatment, often suffer additional degeneration of their spine, the other hip, and their knee joints.  Modern techniques emphasize rapid recovery, immediate mobility, full weight bearing, and multi-modal pain management, which has helped to minimize complications and pain.

Dr. Kozinn will advise you of the different surgical "approaches" to total hip replacement.  Each patient is unique, and one approach may be better suited to any specific person because of "body type" or pathology.  A new approach - "the DIRECT ANTERIOR" approach is generating a lot of excitement.  This is because it can be accomplished without cutting any muscle tissue while using a special traction table.  Dr. Kozinn does this procedure now, and will advise you if you are a good candidate for it. After watching patients recover from hip surgery for almost 30 years, the results of the Anterior Total Hips has been astounding. Motivated patients can go home the same day of the surgery if they desire!  Dr. Kozinn has authored many scholarly articles and publications on Joint Replacement, and has taught other orthopedic surgeons his techniques. Dr. Kozinn has also spent time in the OR with the inventor of the Anterior Total Hip approach, Dr. Joel Matta in Los Angeles. He has greatly benefited from his additional experience and teaching in this exciting new approach.  Please watch the video below which gives you a good idea of how the implants can be placed without cuting any muscle!

How an Anterior Total Hip Replacement Works: Best Practices

Anterior Hip replacement surgery allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip.  The hip can be replaced in this manner without detachment of muscle from the femur or pelvis by working through the natural interval between muscles.  The gluteal muscles which are most important for hip function are left undisturbed from this procedure and do not require a lengthy recovery process. Immediately following surgery, patients are able to bend their hip freely and bear full weight, resulting in a rapid return to pre-operation function.  There are essentially NO RESTRICTION on recovery, although common sense is required!

Dr. Stuart Kozinn is an expert in performing the best Anterior Hip Replacement in the nation.  Not every patient is an ideal candidate, but most are. Large muscular males are more difficult to do this way, and Dr. Kozinn will explain these issues to you when you come in for a consultation. The most exciting part of the procedure is how "fast" patients are up walking, and how little pain most appear to have after.(We have had some patients walking in the recovery room!)  It is possible for a highly motivated individual to "go home" the same day as surgery, however most stay in the hospital for a day to take advantage of the "nursing help" and onsite physical therapy.

The surgery is done under general or spinal anesthesia (patient choice), and the procedure is facilitated by using a special "traction table" that positions the hip joint in the exact position necessary to create the spaces in the bones.  An X-ray machine (flouroscope) is used to confirm the exact position of the implants.  (This also greatly helps regulate the final leg length of the limb, as both hips are seen on the X-ray for comparison at the same time) . Another unique advantage of the anterior approach, is the increased "stability" of the hip.  It is possible, but MUCH more difficult to dislocate the anterior total hip because it is inserted under traction and the posterior hip ligamnets remain intact. When normal muscle tension is restored, the muscles "pull" the hip together.  Therefore, there is no need for special pillows between the legs, or limitations on activities early on, like there is with other approaches. You can bend down and tie your own shoes on day one!  Patients particularly like that they can get back to work and travel much faster.

Our experience with this "new" procedure has been very positive, and Dr. Kozinn is happy to discuss it with you in person.  All surgical procedures can have complications, sometimes involving medical issues.  A full discussion of the "risks, bemefits, and alternatives" is always discussed with each patient.  We will ask you to see your medical doctors before any surgery is done to maximize your fitness for anesthesia!

If you are a patient that is considering hip replacement surgery, please read our hip replacement frequently asked questions to learn more!  Better yet, please make an appointment and "get moving again"!

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