Insurances We Accept

Please see the listing below of insurance plans that we accept. Please bring your insurance card with you. It is very important for you to bring your current insurance card each visit and to inform us if there has been any change in your coverage or in your address. As changes may occur in the plans that we accept, please verify our acceptance at the time you make an appointment. The list below is not exhaustive, there are many smaller group plans, and out of state plans that we are also affiliated with. Even though your insurance may not be shown on the list, you may call (480) 994-1149 to see if we participate with your insurance plan. As of April 1, 2014, Dr. Kozinn has opted-out from Medicare. Our receptionist or Gerry, our office manager, will be happy to speak to you and explain what that means!   We like to see Medicare patients, but we must negotiate our fee directly with our patients, as we are no longer able to bill Medicare as a participating provider.  There are many changes in healthcare coming, and we are making some changes to provide the best care for our patients.   As of April 1 2014, We are NO LONGER on Humana health plan, but we can work with your out-of-network PPO Benefits.  We remain on Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, HealthNet PPO plans, Blue Cross and most network PPO plans.  We accept all work related injuries and industrial compensation patients.

Scottsdale Join Center will make every effort to verify your coverage prior to your appointment, yet we cannot guarantee coverage of services by your insurance company. You may need to pay a co-pay or a larger amount towards you total bill at the time of service if we can not verify the full extent of your coverage. We do have X-ray capability in the office, however many patients will bring their own x-rays taken at outside facilities. Please bring the CD disc with your X-rays/Mri on it. We appreciate hard copies on film of your x-ray studies if possible, as they are much easier to show to patients. Dr. Kozinn likes to draw diagrams and point out abnormalities on the printed films.

Self Pay Patients

If you are a self-pay patient or if we are not able to verify your insurance at the time of registration, we will require a minimum fee of $200.00 towards your anticipated services (office visit and Xrays taken in the office ) in advance at the time of registration.  Additional fees may be assessed at the time of check-out.  Additional Xrays and joint  injections can be more costly. We do accept credit cards at the time of service. ( We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card.  We do not accept American Express cards.)

New Medicare Patients:

Dr. Kozinn opted out from Medicare on April 1, 2014. This means Medicare and all of its secondary insurances will not pay Dr. Kozinn for his services.  Dr. Kozinn does WANT to treat you if you are on Medicare, but we will have to negotiate a cash price for his services outside of the Medicare system .  If you are a new medicare patient there will be a $150 charge for your initial evaluation. If you choose to have xrays done in the office, they will cost $25 per film printed. If you wish to get your X-rays done at an outside facility ( we have a SMIL X-ray center in our building that will accept your Medicare as payment) that is fine, and we will send you there with a prescription for your Xrays if you prefer.  We can give you a prescription to get the films needed at SMIL at the time of your appointment or call it in before you arrive at the office.  This may take an xtra 30-45 minutes, so plan your visit time appropriately, If these rules are confusing to you, or you have further questions about our Medicare policies, please call the office and ask for Gerry. We are doing our best to give you VIP care, and Gerry can explain all of the rules and issues in detail to you.

Benefits and eligibility

While we will assist you to make sure that you have met the requirements for payment by your insurance. However, you are ultimately responsible for payment of all services that are not covered by your insurance plan. Sometimes it is impossible for us to verify benefits at the time of service, and you may have to pay for part or all of your bill at the time of service.  We will re-imburse any amounts your insurance company eventually pays towards that bill.

Accepted insurance plans include:

We accept insurance plans including: All BlueCross/Blue Shield Plans, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Golden Rule, Great West, APIPA, Mercy Care and all Industrial / worker’s compensation plans ( State Fund and Copper Point are accepted with authorization from the insurance carrier!). We accept HealthNet PPO and “Obamacare” plans, however we do not see the Healthnet SeniorCare plans. Since we are no longer a Medicare provider, we are unable to see patients with the HMO Senior Plans (which are Medicare Advantage plans that replace Medicare). For example, even though we are Cigna and Aetna providers, we are unable to see Cigna and Aetna Senior plan members unless the patient obtains special authorization from the carrier.

If your insurance is not listed please call our office at (480) 994-1149  to see if we are contracted with your insurance plan. Ask for Gerry to discuss medicare issues or insurance plan questions.

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