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Younger active people are getting joint replacements and getting back to life!

Younger  people are getting joint replacements and getting back to life.  Dr. Kozinn is also skilled at minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries for the hip, knee, and shoulder joints.

When scheduling an appointment, the scheduler will gather information to ensure enough time is allocated for your visit.

Once your appointment is scheduled

Please bring the following items with you to every visit:

  • Driver’s License or Other Valid Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Insurance card and any co-payment due for the visit
  • Referral forms (if applicable)
  • X-rays and any related studies (if applicable)
  • Any necessary new patient or follow-up forms

If this is your first visit with us, please review the New Patient information to be better prepared for your visit. You may read more about Dr. Kozinn and the Scottsdale Joint Center here:  About Dr. Kozinn

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