Orthopedic Services

Dear Prospective Patients:

Scottsdale Joint Center specializes in “joint” surgery of all types involving the KNEE, HIP, and SHOULDER.  This includes “tissue sparing” joint replacement surgery which avoids cutting normal muscles, and advanced outpatient arthroscopic surgery. We pride ourselves on our goal and concern for the earliest possible recovery. Our practice also specializes in post-traumatic deformities and reconstructive surgeries, which include complicated fractures and soft injuries of the arms and legs.  We treat all SPORTS and exercise related injuries including ligament repairs and joint replacements in younger active patients. We are experts in the surgical treatment of bone and joint disorders and have additional advanced Fellowship training in Adult Reconstructive Surgery and Sports Medicine.  Learn more about our areas of expertise and review our credentials on-line:

-Dr. Stuart Kozinn, M.D. Dr. Stuart Kozinn, MD

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