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We know that when it comes to your surgical treatment, only one of the best orthopedic surgeons will do.   Stuart C. Kozinn MD  is an experienced, well respected, and highly trained orthopedic surgeon located here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Practicing for over 28 years at the Scottsdale Joint Center, Dr. Kozinn specializes in the reconstruction of complex hip, knee, and shoulder joint problems.  Dr. Kozinn has completed advanced Fellowship training in total joint reconstruction at Harvard Medical School; and he attended the highest ranked Orthopedic Residency program at  “The Hospital for Special Surgery” in New York City.   Leading by example, Dr. Kozinn is currently the Chief of Surgery  at Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network-Osborn.  Dr. Kozinn’s impressive credentials include ABOS Board Certification by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.  He is on faculty as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.  He enjoys teaching University of Arizona medical students the basic surgical principles of orthopedics and surgery in the clinic and operating room.

We realize that many patients that suffer from painful joint arthritis are fearful of surgery.  Many are confused about where and how to obtain the best possible care.  Your search can end here at The Scottsdale Joint Center.  Dr. Kozinn uses minimally invasive and muscle sparing approaches that minimize pain and maximize the fastest recovery. He has performed thousands of joint replacements  using advanced anesthesia techniques that are safer for patients.  Pain management has become an art-form, and Dr. Kozinn always strives to minimize pain with advanced multi-modality techniques.  Immediately after surgery, many of our patients are able to stand and walk in the Recovery Room!  Outpatient total joint surgery is now a reality for some motivated patients.  Our patients are always surprised at how fast they are able to return to work and activities after surgery.  After its all over,  so many of our patient’s say to us , “I wish I hadn’t waited so long”! 


Dr. Stuart C. Kozinn has been practicing advanced orthopedic surgery for over 28 years in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is the Medical Director of the Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network Total Joint Center at the Osborn Campus, and he is the Chief of Surgery at the Hospital. He trained at many ofthe world’s foremost Orthopedic Total Joint Centers , including Harvard Medical School, The Hospital for Special Surgery, and UCLA Medical Center.  He is one of a few orthopedic surgeons in the country who specializes in the Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement procedure. This revolutionary procedure  uses a special traction table,  which allows no muscles to be cut while implanting the hip implants. For those patients who are motivated, outpatient hip replacement is possible, and our patients may choose go home on the same day as surgery if they wish to.

Experience counts, and Dr. Kozinn has performed thousands of joint replacements with exceptionally low complication rates. He is also an expert arthroscopic surgeon of the hip, knee, and shoulder joints.  He has created a world class Total Joint Center at SHLN-Osborn, which is often visited by others.  His scientific research and publications on partial knee replacement have made him a sought after speaker and teacher of other surgeons in the United States.

Minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff and meniscal surgery are done on an outpatient basis with minimized postoperative pain and maximized rapid recovery.  Advanced pain management techniques are always emphasized, including the use of a new longer lasting local anesthetic.  All of our surgical patients are up walking immediately after surgery, and length of stay is always minimized so you can get home to your family! Please review our Facebook pages below, as they serve as an informative “blog” showcasing the experiences of many successful surgeries and satisfied patients.

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Dr. Stuart Kozinn MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.  He is the Chief Of Surgery at Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network-Osborn and he frequently has medical students with him in the office and the operating room. Orthopedic surgery skills are passed on from generation to generation.  It is important for our future doctors to learn from mentors that emphasize excellence, and the best possible compassionate medical care for their patients.


Dr. Kozinn has authored many Scientific Publications on topics in orthopedic surgery and joint replacement.  He has also written a highly regarded treatise on Adult Hip Disease and Total Hip Replacement, co-authored with Dr. Frank Netter MD ( the extraordinary medical illustrator ) - His book is listed on Amazon. Click here to link to Dr. Kozinn’s book on Total Hip Replacement seen on

PS: If you need a hip replacement, or know someone that does,  you should watch this video in which Dr. Stuart Kozinn explains in detail the “new” Muscle Sparing, Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement Procedure. Also please click on our Anterior Total Hip Facebook link below.